Trick Daddy Denies That Fat Joe Discovered Him!
02/19/2024 00:45 in Music

Trick Daddy disagrees with Fat Joe‘s claim that he discovered the “Naan” rapper.

Back in 2022 during an appearance on My Expert Opinion, Joe claimed of Trick Daddy, “I took his shit and got him signed.” It was a take that, not long afterwards, got pushback from Uncle Luke, who also claimed involvement in Trick’s early career.

Now, Trick himself is having his say. He went on VladTV on Saturday (February 17), and suggested that Fat Joe might have embelleshed his tale.

“Fat Joe gotta be older than me,” he said. “Because I go to be forgetting things, but I never hallucinate. Fat Joe said he took my CD into Craig Kallman at Atlantic Records. If you got my deal, how do I get a CD? I see him telling a lot of stories. Maybe he got it confused.”


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