Young Dolph’s Alleged Killer Scolded By Judge For Giving Interview
02/19/2024 00:52 in Music

Shelby County, Tennessee - 

Young Dolph’s accused murderer has been issued a warning by the judge presiding over the case to refrain from engaging with the media while the trial is still underway.

One of the prime suspects in the case, Hernandez Govan, was arrested for the crime in 2022 and charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Soon after, he was granted bond for $90,000 and put on house arrest so he could find work to take care of his family.


“Whether you’re talking about this case or not, you’re doing interviews. The court doesn’t like the fact that you feel free enough to do interviews, because what could be happening is that you could be in jail, and it’s a whole lot easier to supervise you there. But you’ve been given the opportunity to post a bond with bond conditions, and you’re not doing those things you need to do.”

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